For your inspiration

Claudia Deken
Claudia DekenCustomer relations
Claudia is our youngest star in the team from South Africa. She is responsible for the content and customer relations. Besides 1nspiring she is currently starting a firm to support entrepreneurs in crowdfunding.
Bart Jenezon
Bart JenezonBusiness development
Bart is the founder of 1nspiring Company. After a decade of starting-up and running small businesses, Bart Jenezon offers his experiences to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to get inspired and fueled for action.
Chris Shakison
Chris ShakisonMarketing communication
Chris is the marketing communication manager and responsible for the event promotion. He is social media expert and always curious in new ways of communication. Besides 1nspiring he is at Team Academy responsible for social.

Board of inspiration

Rob van de Meer
Rob van de MeerBusiness developer
Rob is an all-round entrepreneur with experience in a variety of industries. He is one of the partners of Eurobridge Business Exchange and involved in several other companies. Rob knows the bandwidth of the entrepreneurial way of life.
Marc Wesselink
Marc WesselinkBusiness accelerator
Marc is a professional advisor with an international focus and was involved as a co-founder of 12 start-ups. Because of his extensive knowledge of Finance/IT/HRM and Marketing & Sales he is able to connect both worlds. Marc is now partner at StartupBootCamp.
Zoran van Gessel
Zoran van GesselVenture capitalist
Zoran founded Bencis in 1999. He has 18 years of experience in private equity and corporate finance. Previously Zoran worked at Goldman Sachs and as a Senior Executive at MeesPierson Corporate Finance, specialising in private equity and equity structured products.

1nspiring field experts

Vicky Fasten
Vicky FastenFinance & funding
Vicky is the owner of “stArt-finance” and gets inspired by creative entrepreneurs. She specialized in corporate finance and strategy for start-ups and SME companies. With an Art and Finance degree she knows how to handle creative minds.

Eduard Vos
Eduard VosBranding
Eduard is participating in the communication industry since 1986. He is the former founder of one of the first interactive agencies and sold it. At the moment he is working on Workbookers, a disruptive player in the labor market. Specialist in positioning and outside-in marketing.
Sandra Brouwer
Sandra BrouwerBusiness coach
Sandra finds creating possibilities for innovative companies extremely fulfilling. Sandra is passionate about entrepreneurship & leadership and believes these hold the key to realise the change you want to see. She urges people to be lean and mean.

Ted Munter
Ted MunterPersonal leadership
Primarily a divergent thinker, Ted helps people see life and projects with new eyes. Ted helps entrepreneurs, millennials and executives. He is the founder of Molly School and write about politics, entrepreneurship, culture and Amsterdam.
Robert-Jan van Zessen
Robert-Jan van ZessenCustomer development
Robert-Jan is one of the founders of Blue Orange Company, where they activate entrepreneurs and employees to acquire new clients. Their mission is helping entrepreneurs to focus on business opportunities, so their business will grow.

Inspire and be inspired in return.