1nspiring simplifies with inspiration and fuel for possible action.


We’re on a mission to inspire and connect entrepreneurs
by providing simplicity, support & opportunity.

Everyone runs around with a lot of ideas, but you only need 1 spark to ignite your idea and start to make a product from your idea…..that’s what 1nspiring can do for you.
Marc Wesselink

Now get going because the essence of entrepreneurship is doing, not learning to do.
Guy Kawasaki




Training, support and tailored workshops in order to inspire you.




Inspiration is the thread of our work.

Together we create the future. Together we are 1nspiring.

Let us help you take your business to the next level in one day.  Together with experts and partners, we’ll inspire you and explain how to plan your business successfully.
Erik Broekhuijsen

A business action plan in 1 hour. That’s our promise to you. Action is key!
Bart Jenezon

We work remotely but can always meet in person. You are always welcome to contact us about any idea or plan, please drop us a message or schedule an introduction call.