1nspiring Day #Amsterdam

1nspiring had a great kick-off of the year with the 1nspiring Day Amsterdam. The Red Room at Startupbootcamp filled up with enthusiastic entrepreneurs keen to take the next step in business development.

The event appealed to an international crowd with different focus area in business: fashion, recruitment, IT consultancy, data innovation, technology and events.

It was great to hear the impressions of our participants who mentioned how much they loved the hands-on session and the methodology. It made them feel comfortable to share ideas, focus on specific topics and open their minds to new ways of getting the work done.

Positive energy and inspiration surrounded the room, while the coaches with varied expertise supported the participants with feedback after on the freshly sketched canvases.

Our facilitator Marc Wesselink shared his experience with start-ups and provided the participants insights and food for thought. For instance, entrepreneurs have 3 negative characteristics which are in the same time indispensable features of a successful business person.


  1. They are in love with their solution
  2. They are way too optimistic
  3. Cannot focus


A sort of “to be or not to be…” dilemma for entrepreneurs.

By the end of the day participants designed a clear business action plan and were 100% focused. They became part of the 1nspiring international community, where they are connected with like-minded people, passionate about entrepreneurship and business development.