How do you know if you have the perfect idea for your business?

The answer is you don’t.

While there are no “stupid” ideas it just may not be the right one for you or not yet polished enough to become a successful business. However, the good news is that there are different tools to help you figure out and set you on the right track from the beginning. The first stage for starting a business is “Standing Up”, which includes 3 essential areas: Idea, Mission/ Vision and Goals.

Before starting up a business, one should go through an ideation process. Which means that in this process you will generate ideas and/or solutions with the help of different ideation techniques during a session with your colleagues or a workshop. It is important to start with a clear idea to achieve your mission, vision and goals.

To save you the trouble here are 4 creative and collaborative techniques to generate awesome ideas. The methods can be used in the ideation phase of establishing your business model with the help of the 1nspiring method and the 1nspiring Canvas.

Idea & Concept Development Tools 

Warm up

Introduce the purpose of the ideation session. Then, begin with a warm up technique, an easy way to generate a list and start the flow of ideas. For example, during 30 seconds, together with your colleagues or the participants, try to come up with as many values as possible.

Yes, and 

The “Yes, and…” method is about building on the ideas of others by starting to formulate your sentence with yes! It is all about adding your input on top of your colleagues’ ideas. For this you should use your active listing skills, which offer you the opportunities to intervene and build the idea further. This method is especially useful to avoid the negative responses from the participants in the ideation phase.

Negative brainstorming 

First, you need a question that will be used by your colleagues to ideate around. Here, are 2 possibilities, either your team may come up with their own question, or make use of a pre-existing question to work on. It should be an open and clear question which seeks a solution to a problem.

Now, turn around the key question to its negative form and ideate around that. For instance, how could your company create the world’s worst product? After brainstorming the negative ideas, it is time to explore what happens when the question is flipped back.

User Perspective 

This method will help you see things from different angles. Explore the focus question (which can be same one for negative brainstorming method) from the perspective of specific users. Think, what would it look like for your mother?

While you might end up with a bunch of coloured post- its notes, at least you will have an idea with a deeper meaning, which resonates with you and the problems/ need you want to meet. It is not easy to define the purpose behind your idea, but it is important. Why? 

As Simon Sinek, said “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

Start by questioning “why” before putting in all the effort and invest money in future developments.

I know this may sound like a lot to figure out without proper guidance. Interested in learning more about the creative process in business development? At 1nspiring we are striving to help you find your own business path.

1nspiring offers strategic support, hands on methodology and business expertise. We can help you achieve more by optimising your efforts, input and time invested in the project.