Thierry de Vries
Thierry de VriesGrowth-hacker
Thierry is a strategic designer and entrepreneur. As a creative business man Thierry is participating in several companies like Thinkfirm (strategic designer), Heppee (co-founder) and others. Thierry is a real growth-hacker.
Ben Valks
Ben ValksInspirator
Our goal is to help realize the Araguaia Nature Corridor: the longest biodiversity-corridor on earth in the heart of Brazil. It will preserve thousands of species and can become one of South-America’s largest reforestation project.
Richard Henderickx
Richard HenderickxBusiness consultant
Business analist, commercial and strategic consultant.
Book me for: Business Model Brainstorm sessions or Value Proposition Design sessions. Creating more profit for all stakeholders!
Vince Balk
Vince BalkAvada specialist
Vince is a WordPress specialist and web-expert pur sang. He is involved in online marketing industry for more than a decade and participating as an entrepreneur in several projects in the entertainment industry & online shopping.
Ohyoon Kwon
Ohyoon KwonDesign entrepreneur
Ohyoon Kwon helps your team grow from the inside out using design thinking and a playful feedback. Ohyoon is the co-founder of WeQu and as a design entrepreneur he has a strong sense on creating value that matters to people.
1nspiring Company
1nspiring CompanyAmbassador
1nspiring is a movement and way of living for entrepreneurial people. Our purpose is to help like-minded people and challenge them to scale-up their businesses with the realization of purpose. Would you like to join?