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Our business mentors & experts are supporting you in your next step in business development.

Judith Smits
Judith SmitsNetworking
Judit Smits is one of the founders of Blue Orange Company, where they activate entrepreneurs and employees to acquire new clients. Their mission is helping entrepreneurs to focus on new business opportunities and growth.
Harikishore Sreenivasalu
Harikishore SreenivasaluIT
Harikishore is the founder of Aarini and responsible for the app development. As one of the mentors he would love to help you with your business & app development.
Sandra Brouwer
Sandra BrouwerLean
Sandra has the ability to combine a structured approach with creativity and a hands-on mentality. This enables her to make the change come to liver for the involved stakeholders and to actually make the change happen.
Erik Broekhuijsen
Erik BroekhuijsenGrowth
Erik has been accredited with a lot of business growth for companies
large and small. He created and tested his growth system both in his own companies and as accelerator in Europe and the USA.
Annette Beerepoot
Annette BeerepootInnovation
Annette has always been working at the interface between business and technology. She combines organisation and marketing skills with a passion for new innovative solutions to translate ideas into products and services that customers want.
Wilfred de Roos
Wilfred de RoosManagement
Wilfred is an all around business to business expert, with strong experience in sales and customer experience. He knows about how and why customers buy products and services, not just once but repeatedly.
Gerben van der Werf
Gerben van der WerfPeople Mangement
Gerben is the founder of PMP Supervisor and knows a lot about people management. If you are considering to build a team or supervisory board, you definitely have to talk with him.
Vicky Fasten
Vicky FastenFinance
Vicky is the owner of “stArt-finance” and gets inspired by creative entrepreneurs. She specialized in corporate finance & strategy for start-ups and SME. With an Art and Finance degree she knows how to handle creative minds.