A business partner for every stage along the way!
In order to inspire you to start, build & grow a business.

#1nspiring is based on the Customer Development process (by Steve Blank) and integrates The Golden Circles (by Simon Sinek), Value Proposition Design Alex Osterwalder and Lean Startup methodology (by Eric Ries) super simple.

Special care

For those who want to start & build a new business.

Start-ups, solopreneurs and self-employed professionals who want to level up their business.

For established small business owners with high potential.

Small business entrepreneurs & teams who want to get ready for growth and sell more…

For growing entrepreneurs & great teams working on the fly.

For entrepreneurs who want special care & attention.

The great leaders… weren’t known for their complaints, but for their inspired ideas and words.
~ Max Strom

Inspiration exists. but it has to find you working.
~ Pablo Picasso

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
– Albert Einstein

Purpose & promises:

Learn how you can simplify and speedup your business development. We build a strong & fruitful foundation and grow your business to the next level on these 3 inspiring promises:

  1. Simplicity (crystal clear focus)
    Create a strategy with laser-beaming focus.
  2. Opportunity (new business & sales)
    lways take a look at the bright side and create multiple revenu streams.
  3. Support (personal care & attention)
    We handle the business with passion and spot on support.

Program info:

The program will take about 6 months or more if necessary. We will walk and talk through different stages of business & customer development with clear predefined milestones.

  1. Understanding about your basic idea and business plan.

  2. Validating the concept and get your proof of concept.

  3. Finding your ideal customer fit with actual paying customers.

  4. Sharpening the strategy & transforming to product-market fit.

  5. Succeeding new business development.

Aim for the program:

We will work on your business challenge and directly applicable business plan.

  • You will learn the #1nspiring way of working with progress in mind;

  • You will update your documentation for communication purposes, including the canvas, slidedeck and business plan;

  • You will grow the business with paying customers by the renewed strategy right away.

You will grow your business step by step & day by day.

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