Training, coaching & support in order to inspire you.

A partner for every stage along the way!

The great leaders… weren’t known for their complaints, but for their inspired ideas and words.
~ Max Strom

Inspiration exists. but it has to find you working.
~ Pablo Picasso

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.
– Albert Einstein

Target audience: entrepreneurs

  • Small business owners & entrepreneurs;
  • Incubators, accelerators & innovation hubs;
  • Municipalities & governmental programs.

Goals: start, build & grow

  1. You will learn the #1nspiring method and background in theory;
  2. You will get a business canvas, business presentation and business action plan;
  3. You will be ready to implement the renewed strategy immediately.

Program: 3 – 6 months

  • Introduction: Basics
  • Start: Concept development
  • Build & develop: Customer development
  • Growth plan: Strategy & execution
  • Implementation: Business plan plus review
You can do the training program and essions in a mastermind group with like-minded entrepreneurs or completely individual.
We will involve other experts like trainers, coaches & mentors to inspire you.

Background information:

Everything about entrepreneurship and worldwide well-known business theories.
You will practice the method with a canvas exercise to fully understand which theory or model is relevant.
We will work on your business case and directly applicable business plan.

Afterwards, you will have the knowledge about:

  • The 1nspiring approach & method;
  • The Lean Startup & The Startup Way movement;
  • Underlying business models from Simon Sinek (The Golden Circles), Alex Osterwalder (Value Proposition Design) & Steve Blank (Customer Development).
The training session includes all the materials and access to the resources.

Most of all we guarantee success,
New business and more positive outcome.

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