International growth program for inspiring entrepreneurs

We will work together for 10 months and build the business the way you want it at an international scale.

Each week you will move forward and have close contact with you to create the dream.

You can apply through this link or with the registration form.

3 promises to inspire you and your business:

  1. Super simple (with structure & laser like focus)
    We provide clarity and straightforwardness in design & function.

  2. Opportunity driven (always take a look at the bright sight of life)

    Everything that should be there has long existed and by making combinations differently or combining elements we come up with innovation, possible improvement & ultimately the desired outcome.

  3. Success-oriented (renew your approach toward achieving success)

    We invite you to join us in creating a proactive and focused approach to achieve the results you’ve been working so hard for.

Learn to create your own map for the future.

Arne van Oosterom, Founder Blue Sky Republic

As an entrepreneur there are a thousand things you could be doing, but are you doing the right things? #1nspiring will help you to simplify and focus on the things that are important so that you can move forward in the right direction!

Chris van de Nes, The Happiness Vision

Let us help you take your business to the next level. Together with experts and partners, we’ll inspire you and explain how to plan your business successfully.

Erik Broekhuijsen, managing director Van Holland Group

International Growth Program

We will guide you till you make it and revenues are growing.

The sessions are including training, coaching and support:

  • Monthly inspiration & training sessions
  • Personal mentoring & high performance coaching
  • Unlimited support based on what you need

All participants will get access to our network.

All the participants will get:

  • Access to our e-learning platform;
  • Network & introduction sessions;
  • Personal guidance.

Extra service & support:

  • Access to the community (networking group 1000+ members)
  • Online meetups (online inspiration sessions)
  • Free use application (platform)

You’ll get an invoice with a flexible payment term.