1nspiring simplifies success

Speed-up your business development right away!

Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler. ~ Albert Einstein

The whole idea – and purpose of the project – is to simplify your business development and support you to build a business, grow & succeed.

Download the canvas or grab a blank piece of paper to draw your canvas like the tic-tac-toe playground.
We are supporting this with all kinds of tooling based on your demand.


Instruction & guidance

Follow the path:

#1 idea (introduction)
#2 mission/vision (mission statement)
#3 goals (milestones)

#4 action (game plan)
#5 business (products & services)
#6 customer creation (sales)

#7 people (organization)
#8 planet (market)
#9 profit (profit)

Practice & movement

1nspiring is the new way of working. It is a practice and movement. The canvas offers a storyline that gives business the right attention and focus. You can walk & talk through it as a circle process of development.

  • What is the idea and deeper meaning;
  • How would you like to achieve that;
  • What is the goal of it & possible milestones;
  • Who are your customers;
  • What will they pay / will be the revenues;
  • Where do they come from;
  • Who is in the team;
  • And last but not least… what will you do to achieve this, what is your action plan?!

If you like we can sharpen these basic questions a little more and go deeper into details to fully understand the business, what we are doing or what’s need to be done.

How does it work? (long version)