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In order to inspire you to build the business you ❤️


For those who need some inspiration.

During our inspiring events you will learn the #1nspiring way of working and so much more…

For entrepreneurs & teams who need focus.

During our inspiration & training sessions you will get the know-how that you are looking for.

For SME’s who need special care & attention.

During a longer period of time you will get guidance and spot-on management support.

You can find inspiration in everything.

~ Paul Smith

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working!

~ Pablo Picasso

#1nspiring is based on Customer Development and practically focused on YOU.

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The support is a mix of incubation, innovation & acceleration, but above all practically focused on you. The method is based on Customer Development and integrates The Golden Circles, Value Proposition Design and Lean Startup.

Program & deliverables:

The program takes as long as it takes you to achieve the necessary revenue growth. We will walk and talk through different stages of customer development with clear predefined milestones and deliverables.

  1. Understanding your business / plan / idea.

  2. Validating the idea & concept into problem-solution-fit.

  3. Finding your ideal customer profile and product-market-fit.

  4. Sharpening the strategy & execution plan with operating profit.

  5. Executing the dream with the international development team.

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Together we will improve the business simple and doable.

  • You will simplify your information overkill to 1 canvas, slidedeck and business plan (all-in-1 place);
  • You will learn the #1nspiring way of working with purpose AND profit in mind (feels like dancing);
  • You will build the business with much more energy, fun and revenues (flow with the go).

Team work makes the dream work.

The sessions are including:

  • Inspiration & training sessions (2 hours per month).
  • Mentoring & coaching (1 hour per month);
  • Unlimited support (email).

All the participants will get:

  • Access to our e-learning platform;
  • Network & introduction sessions;
  • Personal intake (1,5 hour).

Extra service & support:

  • Access to the community (networking group 1.000+ members);
  • Free use application (platform);
  • Personal guidance (vip).

We will grow your business step by step & day by day.

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