We inspire people in entrepreneurship and business development.

1nspiring is the new way of working to stand-up, start-up & scale-up.


1nspiring offers an intensive workshop and inspirational day where you will learn the entrepreneurial skills and your next step in business development. The hands-on approach is really inspiring to the participants.

1nspiring Day (format)

We run the 1nspiring program in various cities across Europe like Amsterdam, Barcalona, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Dusseldorf, Timisoara, Tallinn and Vilnius. The activities are powered by global partners Google, Hubspot and our local business partners. We would like to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere.

Stand-up, Start-up & Scale-up

1nspiring Days and workshops are mostly attended by small business entrepreneurs and small business owners. The aim for the session is to allign the business strategy, focused on ‘learning by doing’ and get into action. 1nspiring is the new way of working to stand-up, start-up and scale-up your business.

Business partners

1nspiring Company is building an international network of partners across the globe. Together with our partners we offer the format to inspiring communities, international hubs & techcentres. Together we create the future. Together we are 1nspiring.