Training, coaching & support in order to inspire you.

  • The training program is the business development plan AND the execution.

  • The training sessions offers personal guidance with 1 on 1 coaching from our business experts & partners.

  • Additionally we offer all the support as needed from our international network.


For those who want to start with a new business.

This is the preparation of your start. A personal program including the platform and the toolkit with all the materials. This will be your foundation to start your business.

For entrepreneurs & great teams working on the fly.

This is our training & coaching program including 10 group sessions and personal guidance during 20 weeks. We will work from problem-solution fit to product-market fit.

For professionals who want to speed-up business development.

This is the add on and in-depth support. We will support you in the execution of the plan, sales & marketing and/or possible funding from 100k up to 1mio.

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