It takes a team to build a dream.

Bart Jenezon
Bart JenezonManaging partner
Chief inspiration officer and founder of the 1nspiring Company.
Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs transforming ideas into reality.
Bart offers his experiences and the method to “just” do it.
Saskia Broersma
Saskia BroersmaAccount director
Chief happiness manager. Saskia is the happiness manager of our clients and business partners. She is facilitating our corporate training & events. Besides that she is yoga teacher and working on her own company.
Marc Wesselink
Marc WesselinkAdvisory board & partner
Marc is a professional advisor and business accelerator with an international focus. He was involved as a co-founder of 12 start-ups. Because of his extensive knowledge he is able to connect the best of both worlds.
Serghei Ghidora
Serghei GhidoraPartner & CTO
Serghei helps ideas to overcome technical limitations with his multicoloured technical background. He is managing as our CTO the development of our platform. Besides that he is working on his own start-up.
Robert-Jan van Zessen
Robert-Jan van ZessenPartner
With his background at Blue Orange Company and Heineken he will be adding a lot experience to the team. Man on a mission ‘helping entrepreneurs to focus on new business opportunities and growth’.
Andre Bolland
Andre BollandPartner
Andre is our chief education & e-learning. With a background in innovational aviation, he is an entrepreneur in innovation and responsible for the curriculum.
Zoran van Gessel
Zoran van GesselAdvisory board
Zoran founded Bencis in 1999. He has 20 years of experience in private equity and corporate finance. Previously Zoran worked at Goldman Sachs and as a Senior Executive at MeesPierson, specialising in private equity and equity structured products.
Rob van de Meer
Rob van de MeerAdvisory board & partner
Rob is an all-round entrepreneur with experience in a variety of industries. He is one of the partners of Eurobridge Business Exchange and involved in several other companies. Rob knows the bandwidth of the entrepreneurial way of life.
Eric Eggink
Eric EgginkAdvisory board
Eric’s Specialties: Strategic consulting, issue management, crisis management, personal profiling, reputation management and the author of the ‘Handbook Employee Communications’.
Isabel Hamer
Isabel HamerBusiness partner
Isabel is our partner in career development for self-employed professionals and local start-ups. Her company is based in Haarlem, de Plettery, hosting our workshops on a monthly base.
Erwin Kenter
Erwin KenterBusiness partner
Erwin is building ‘there’ the new business ecosystem in Northern Netherlands and he’s taking 1nspiring to Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland.
Let’s go there.
Nina Brandt
Nina BrandtPartner
Nina is involved in 1nspiring for 2,5 years and achieved some great projects. Together we are working towards the translations of our little playbook into several languages.
Josuel Rogers
Josuel RogersBusiness partner
Josuel is our local partner in Rotterdam and motivating individuals & teams to draw out their maximum potential. Helping people get comfortable with the person they are and evolve them into the person they want to be.
Maciej Kupisiewicz
Maciej KupisiewiczBusiness partner
Maciej is our partner in Poland and an entrepreneur for more than 10 years with experience in business development. He thinks that a great idea with consistent execution is the best way to create a sustainable company.