1nspiring is a place for you to translate your ideas into a map of actions. An eye-opening session that will propel you to do amazing things.
Marta Blocka, Entrepreneur in Residence Startupbootcamp Amsterdam


I had a very insightful day. The coaches were really helpful and inspiring me to think outside the box about my projects. The name of 1nspiring Day really says enough; a lot of inspiration and new insights.
Stijn Kuijper – Student entrepreneur


Thank you for a nice workshop! I found it inspiring! It makes me happy to see that entrepreneurs like you have a passion for spreading their knowledge to other entrepreneurs. It was short but powerful.
Joanne Marczak – ID Labs & co-founder Eye-sense


In December I attended the 1nspiring day in Amsterdam. It was a very inspiring, useful and fun day. The 1nspiring canvas helps you to think about your ideas and to convert them into a realistic business plan. Using the A0 canvas makes it easier to define your business goals and strategy. And with help from the coaches and other attendants (if needed) you create a realistic action plan within a day.
Annette Beerepoot – Innovator


I can highly recommend joining for an 1nspiring Day. It helped me focus on my goals to scale-up my business. 1nspiring Company and the partners will help you build your business using the easy and effective “1nspiring” model.
Bart Heijting, LiveRewired


1nspiring gave me the opportunity to step out of my business and take a good look at where I’m going and if I’m on the right path. The guidance and advise of the great business experts made this a truly inspirational day witch helpt me getting ready for the next steps. I would recommend 1nspiring to everyone who has a great idea, everyone who’s in a startup en those of you who are ready for scale-up.
Cindy Visser, Vissers HR Solutions


1nspiring has been extremely helpful over the past few months. They introduced me to some fantastic people, and has also given us feedback on what we’re doing, which has allowed us to refine our work, and create more leads as a result. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them, and look forward to future outcomes.
Tom Charman, Hidden Planet


I think 1nspiring offers a lot of value to fresh entrepreneurs. When I first learn about the 1nspiring way of working my reaction was it gives me a FULL overview on what startup/new business development takes, which took me more than 2 years of learning by doing process without a proper guidance. If you can save 2 years and kickstart your business that is a big win.
Ohyoon Kwon, Founder WeQu


As a startup you can do with some 1nspiration every now and then. 1nspiring company is the perfect place to do so. On the 1nspiring-day I got the opportunity to talk to the people who are ‘getting there’ as well as the people ‘who already got there’ so you can learn from both parties. The guidance from the coaches is especially useful since their experience can help you shed some light on some of your problems as well as learning to keep things simple. Why are you doing what you are doing, who is it for and what problems are you solving for your customers? Valuable lessons on a very 1nspirational day!
Muriël Horst, Ifan Network


I learned one important thing during the inspiration day: Look for the answer inside your question.
The examples and enthusiasm make the 1nspiring Day a day full of positive energy, growth and creation.
Anne-Sophie Schurmann, &Thijs


Overall it just feels great to be present at these sessions. This has to do with the combination of the people I get to meet and the open minded atmosphere. It also has to do with a good balance between freedom and responsibility.
The “Why” of my idea was clear, but Robert-Jan explained that the wording for my potential customers wasn’t quite there yet. What I especially appreciated was that Robert-Jan came with examples from his personal experience and used his own uncertainties to explain his point.
Pauline Siebers, Social Media Coach


Everyone runs around with a lot of ideas, but you only need 1 spark to ignite your idea and start to make a product from your idea…..that’s what 1nspiring can do for you.
Marc Wesselink, Startupbootcamp

For your inspiration, 1nspiring