Training & Support

“I hated every minute of training… but don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
Inspired by Muhammad Ali and Eduard Schaepman

Target audience:

Directors, managers, team leaders (including the teams), executives


  1. The participant will get entrepreneurial knowledge and mindset;
  2. The participant will learn the 1nspiring method and background in theory;
  3. The participant get access to the resources and materials for personal usage to run a stand-alone or an in-company session.


  • Session 1 Introduction
  • Session 2 Concept development
  • Session 3 Customer development
  • Session 4 Growth
  • Session 5 Business plan/ presentation

Each session will take 2 – 4 hours training and/or support.


Everything about entrepreneurship and worldwide well-known business theories.

You will practise the method with a canvas exercise  to fully understand which theory and or model is relevant.

You will get feedback from the trainer(s), coach(es) and/or business mentor(s).

We will work on a business case and business plan which is directly applicable.

Afterwards you will have the knowledge about:

  • The 1nspiring approach & method;
  • The Lean Startup & The Startup Way movement;
  • Underlying business models from Simon Sinek (The Golden Circles), Alex Osterwalder (Value Proposition Design) & Steve Blank (Customer Development).

The course includes all the materials and resources.